Sunday School for Preschoolers (2024)

I wanted to outline exactly how our Sunday School flows so that if you are just getting started with preschool ministry at your church, you can get some ideas about elements you can include in your day. Our two, three, and four year old classes all travel with their class through the different rotations detailed below.


The morning kicks off with songs of praise and worship, led by energetic volunteers who use music and movement to capture the children’s attention and instill in them a love for God. Little voices ring out in joyful harmony as they sing about God’s love and goodness, their eyes shining with wonder and delight. We have worship leaders, separate from small group leaders who get music and all instruments ready, so small group leaders can take a quick breath.

Bible Study

After worship comes the heart of the ministry — the lesson. Each week, dedicated teachers use age-appropriate curriculum to share stories from the Bible in ways that captivate and inspire young minds. From Noah’s Ark to the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand, every lesson is carefully crafted to convey timeless truths in a manner that resonates with preschoolers. The children travel back to their classroom and their small group leader leads Bible Study. First, they read the scripture for that week out of the Bible and answer any questions the children might have. Then, they practice the memory verse for the month with correlating motions that help our tiniest disciples begin to dive into memorizing scripture.


With tables covered in colorful supplies and eager little hands ready to dive in, the room buzzes with anticipation. Volunteers guide the children through simple yet engaging crafts that tie into the day’s lesson, sparking their imaginations and reinforcing key concepts from the Bible. Children are in their classroom with their small group leaders for craft time. The craft is handpicked and prepared to go exactly with the lesson for the week, and that each craft is prepared to the developmental level of the children. Most times that looks like papers already being cut for our two year olds, while the four year olds cut out their own.


Next, everybody lines up in anticipation of what’s next. As the weather permits, children are led outside to a designated playground area adjacent to the church building, where colorful equipment awaits. Volunteers and staff members accompany the children, ensuring their safety while also actively engaging in play and interaction. Children race to their favorite spots, whether it’s the swings, slides, or jungle gym, eager to explore and conquer new adventures. Volunteers join in the fun, pushing swings, cheering on climbers, and joining in imaginative games that spark creativity and cooperation. Safety is paramount during playground time, with volunteers keeping a watchful eye on the children to prevent accidents and provide assistance when needed. Rules are gently reinforced, teaching children the importance of taking turns, sharing, and respecting one another’s space.


Of course, no Sunday morning would be complete without a snack break! As the children gather around tables in their classroom and cups of snacks, laughter and chatter fill the room. It’s a time for fellowship and friendship, as children and volunteers alike bond over shared treats and stories from the morning’s lesson. We put snack time at the end of the morning so that we can also use this time to catch up on any Bible Study or craft we may have missed.

Pick Up

Pick up time in preschool ministry is a coordinated affair, designed to ensure the safety and well-being of each child while facilitating a smooth transition back to their families. As the morning activities wind down, parents begin to trickle into the designated pick-up area, where they are warmly greeted by volunteers and staff members who ensure they have their coordinating sticker to pick up their child. Each child is carefully accounted for, with attendance lists checked to ensure that each parent sticker matches the child’s sticker. Parents are asked to sign their child out, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Meanwhile, inside the classrooms, children eagerly gather their belongings and say their goodbyes to their teachers and friends, excitedly recounting the highlights of their morning. Volunteers help to gather any remaining crafts or belongings, ensuring that nothing is left behind.

As families reunite outside, there’s a sense of joy and warmth in the air, as children excitedly share their adventures, discoveries, and craft with their loved ones. With hugs, high-fives, and promises to return next week, the morning comes to an end as volunteers clean their rooms and return supplies to the front of the preschool.

Write a comment below and tell me the different things you do in your preschool! How does your church do check-in and check-out for littles? Do your classes rotate through different stations?

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Sunday School for Preschoolers (2024)
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