New Skills Academy Reviews (2024)

New Skills Academy provides a broad range of e-learning classes for people seeking to turn their passion into their paycheck, whether it is for a full-time career, side hustle, or leisure pursuits. Their learning platform ushers every student into a comfortable front-row seat. Video courses ensure that you don’t miss a single detail.

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Do you want to enroll in an online course to enhance your skills? Maybe get a certification to add to your resume? Definitely a great idea!

Whether you want to get a Microsoft team certification, a homeschooling certification, or a life coaching certification, New Skills Academy has it all.

You might be asking yourself – is this platform worth investing your time and money in? With so many online course providers out there, the chances of falling for a scam have also increased.

You can’t be too careful. The best way to determine whether this platform is legit or not is to look upNew Skills Academy Reviews.

To save you precious time, we took it upon ourselves to conduct the research work for you. The reviews were mostly positive. Naturally, there were some negative reviews as well, so we figured why not enroll in a course to get the experience.

So, here are our New Skills Academy reviews to let you know what you can expect after you enter your credit card information and purchase a course.

New Skills Academy Review

Our Overall Thoughts

This New Skills Academy reviews have been rather fun for us since it was nothing short of a roller coaster – an experience that we’re sure you will also relate to once you enroll in a course.

Just a heads up – If you’re someone who gets exposed to the platform via ads, you will be skeptical, and rightly so. The banner ads do make the platform seem a bit… sketchy.

However, once you dive into the platform, you will find that New Skills Academy has done anoutstanding job making the website and detailing every course.

The amount of information they providereflects their professionalism, which is also reflected in their customer support.

As for the courses, they are better than most of the courses available on other platforms. But there issome room for improvement in a few courses, just a handful of tweaks to make them perfect.

We believe New Skills Academy is a great platform where individuals can learn skills and polish theircapabilities. Thanks to the accreditations, people who are looking for a career change will benefit themost from their courses.

The Breakdown

At First Glance

When you look at the ads or the website itself, the first impression you get is that of a very polished andprofessional platform – much like Udemy or SkillShare, both reputable platforms. The font size is a bittoo large, but that’s just aesthetics for you. Some prefer it that way.

The home page lets you search for any course you want to attend out of the 260+ courses available.We’re sure there will be more as the platform continues to grow, but for now, there is still a wide rangeof options available. You are bound to find something that will interest you.

Here is an example

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There were 11 results just for the search phrase “cupcake,” and each course offers something different. However, notevery course is accredited.

Most of these courses are specifically for you and your own pleasure, but if you want to takeit to the next level, there are also accredited courses and diplomas that you can actually add to your CV.

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Navigation is easy; with a single click on the Online Courses tab at the top left side, you can see a list of courses available to you. When we first ventured on the website, we noticed that almost every course had a ‘discount,’ making us think that the discount was just a ruse.

However, we soon saw that the discounts were for a limited time only. However, New Skills Academy does offer regulardiscounts throughout the year. Perhaps it’s because the platform is still in its initial phases.

The farther we ventured into the site, the more ‘professional’ and authentic it felt. We did have some trouble findingcourses for people with intermediate or expert-level skills.

For example, our lead developer has always wanted to further his skills and move toward writing software architecture. Unfortunately, when we searched for a .Net, MVC, or Xamarin, there was nothing. Instead, there was a simple beginners’ Web Development course.

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The course is accredited, mind you, by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), meaning that you can rock thecourse on your resume. Still, it won’t be much use to you if you already hold a bachelor’s degree or have someexperience in the field.

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Perhaps in time, New Skills Academy will add some intermediate or advanced-level courses as well.

Diving a Little Deeper


If there’s anything you should take away from our New Skills Academy reviews, it’s that you’ll find acourse fit for your needs easily. Whether you’re looking for something to help you take care of animals,office or business administration, or make your own website, you can find an introductory course on it.

With more than 350,000 students on the website, they must be doing something right, right?

The course we enrolled in had a long list of contents – with each chapter being more useful than the last– we understood immediately that this is the real deal. The content of the course was thorough, to saythe least.

Content Legitimacy

The online courses are accredited by CPD and include an exam at the end to test the knowledge yougained. This exam is set according to the accreditor’s requirements, and bear in mind, if you weren’tfocusing on what you were studying, the exam can get very hard, very fast.

Since the course is a one-time purchase (lifetime availability), there is no rush to complete it. You can take your time to learn.

It’s not just CPD that accredits New Skills Academy courses, but UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), CMA, Microsoft, and more!

These are well-reputed organizations whose stamp isn’t just a stamp, but a guarantee to potential employers that the candidate has sufficient knowledge of the topics included in a course!

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There is a summary of each course available, which includes the duration it would take to complete it. For example, the course we enrolled in was for 15-20 hours. Where our owner completed the course in 16 hours, for the marketing executive, it took well over 28 hours, while the developer had fun with it, taking precisely 22 hours.

Every course recommends that you read through it at your own pace, and we second that recommendation.Furthermore, one thing that the brief fails to mention is that you should consider trying and practicing what the coursepreaches, instead of just going through it for the sake of an exam or a degree.


Each course has different modules. Each module takes around 30-90 minutes to go through if you read at an averagespeed. If you’re fast, it may be quicker.

These are web-based courses, which means that you can access themanywhere, anytime and on any device. All you have to do is log in!

Being locked in our homes during the COVID-19 situation, we couldn’t help but go through 4-5 courses easily until we realized what we were doing. By the time we started coming back to the office, everyone had a new skill to boast about!

Although the courses are mostly written in text format, they are structured in a very accessible and digestible manner.Unfortunately, that is precisely where the problem lies as well. Everything is written.

Most of Udemy’s courses include videos, and SkillShare includes animations and interactive videos, but during our New Skills Academy reviews, we realized all courses here are in text format.

Yes, there are a few images to help you get a better idea of what you should be doing and what your result will look like,but other than that, the course can get very bland.


These courses are created by experts in the field – and that too recognized experts. As we started going through eachcourse, we could tell that the curator wasn’t beating around the bush.

Although extensive, when explaining something,the course gets straight to the point, which makes it even more attractive.

To the point here doesn’t mean that you don’t get any explanation at all, mind you—quite the contrary. Everything is explained rather thoroughly, but you won’t find any extra or distracting material in any course.

If you’re there to learnmore about how to make cupcakes, that’s what you’re going to get.Here is a peek at the course outline for web development. By module 3, you will have learned more than what acomputer sciences student learns in a year!

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The experts do not just design the courses, but also the final exams. There are several variants of each exam (trust us, we tried).

If you and your friend are thinking of comparing answers, you will be disappointed. Both of you will get a differentversion, further increasing the challenge.

Should you fail the exam, you can retake it whenever you think you’re ready.New Skills Academy is available 24/7 for support, should you face any hiccups along the way.

This doesn’t just includetechnical issues, but also problems pertaining to the course itself, i.e., if you’re having trouble grasping a specific topic.

For your practice, there are also several exercises after every module that can help you retain what you learned in everychapter and prepare yourself for the exam.


One of the best things about learning from New Skills Academy is that they give you control. No teacher is forcing you to study and there are no deadlines. Instead, you can study at your own pace – you’re in the driving seat!

This comfortable journey makes it a very viable option for those who are working or are students at a university or aninstitute.

The Only Problem

We had some trouble grasping the distribution of the course, though, but it seemed to be limited to this course alone.

There are just a few chapters on how to make the perfect cupcake and decorate it, while most of them focused on themarketing and business aspect of your own cupcake shop.

For people who already know how to bake, like our owner, the course is perfect, but for people like our marketingexecutive and developer, the ‘how to make a cupcake’ bit could have been more elaborate.

The marketing executiveneeded no help in promoting their business, but the developer did.This shows that the course is perfect for most, while some may have trouble with it.

A contrasting example of this would be how the web development course does explain the basics, taking you frombasic HTML principles, and then moving on to CSS style sheets. This course sat well with everyone here at New Skills Academicssince it started with a clean slate.

And that’s the main concern that we’re highlighting here. When you dive a little deeper into each course, you will findthat while most courses do a pretty decent job of helping you hone your skills, some might miss the mark slightly.

This isn’t a new issue, mind you. Some might find it challenging to grasp everything in almost every online course wherethe contents aren’t in your control, or the lessons aren’t live/interactive. Until, of course, you decide to go through itagain.

In our experience, we found our second run-through was much more productive than the first.

Every online course platform out there has its pros and cons, and in our New Skills Academy reviews, we have tried to paint a clear picture of what this platform offers.

We had an absolute blast studying here, and our staff doesn’t seem towant to move on any time soon. However, we’ll be reviewing more online courses and academies, so remember to stickaround and wait for more reviews just like this one!

They have answered the call of their students, designing classes to be accessible, interactive, and fuelled by the energy of hundreds of creative people working on the same mission. Whatever your needs or situation, New Skills Academy can help you to take big leaps, fast. View all courses here.

New Skills Academy Reviews (2024)
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