Booty Chaser Bingo Locations In Minnesota (2024)

1. Booty Chaser Bingo - Twin Cities Bingo

  • 1741 S. Roberts St. West St. Paul. MN. 55118.

  • Bingo directory for Minneapolis St. Paul and surrounding area.


  • Our company has become the leading distributor of gaming supplies in Minnesota. ... LOCATIONS. HI ROLLER ... ~Chapter 4 - Electronic Games. BOOTY CHASER LINKED ...

  • Click the link below to be directed to our new linked bingo site

3. Booty Chaser Linked Bingo (@piratebooty_mn) / X

  • A real time bar bingo game that links all participating sites in Minnesota - available to all Licensed Charitable Organizations.

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4. Business Listings - Twin Cities Bingo


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  • How to Play

6. Booty Chaser (@bootychasermn) / X

  • BootyChaser is the all new Linked Bingo Game from EGS. Fast-action bingo game linked to multiple locations creating large jackpots! 25 Minnesota Locations.

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7. Charities Can Earn Up to $194,000 Per Year with Booty Chaser Linked ...

  • 4 dec 2014 · ... Booty Chaser Linked Bingo ... 2,800 locations in Minnesota are currently playing pull-tabs. ... EGS is the only non-start-up, licensed Linked Bingo ...

  • /PRNewswire/ -- Minnesota charities can generate up to $194,000 a year in new income with Booty Chaser Linked Bingo. Charity decision-makers had the...

8. Revenue Notice #13-05: Lawful Gambling Tax - Linked Bingo Games

  • ... Minnesota Statutes, section 297E.02, subdivision 6 ... Minnesota Statutes, section 297E. ... All bingo games that are played at two or more locations will be ...

  • Electronic linked bingo games are expressly subject to the combined net receipts tax set forth in Minnesota Statutes, section 297E.02, subdivision 6.

9. Booty Chaser Gives Away 5th Progressive Jackpot of 2015 As ...

  • Booty Chaser Gives Away 5th Progressive Jackpot of 2015 As Linked Bingo Expands Throughout Minnesota. New Locations Being Added Weekly and Progressive ...

  • /PRNewswire/ -- Booty Chaser Linked Bingo, the new and exciting release from Electronic Game Solutions (EGS), is now being played in bars and fraternal clubs...

10. Bar & Grill | Pub 55 | Hastings

  • Come play from a variety of pull tabs and e-tab games, including Booty Chaser Bingo! Minnesota Sports. mn_sports.jpg. Watch all the Minnesota sports games at ...

  • Pub 55 is a casual Bar & Grill offering live music, bar games, and events in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere Located off Hwy 55 in Hastings MN, Pub 55 offers a full service bar including custom drinks and pull tabs / e-tabs Menu includes traditional favorites, unique twists, and Pub 55 specials

11. Dark Horse Bar & Eatery - Lowertown, Saint Paul, MN

  • GAMBLING, PULL TABS 6-BOXES E-TABS & BOOTY CHASER BINGO & MEAT RAFFLE EVERY SATURDAY @ 1 PM Pizza, Wings, a la Carte Meats & lots of whiskey.

  • GAMBLING, PULL TABS 6-BOXES E-TABS & BOOTY CHASER BINGO & MEAT RAFFLE EVERY SATURDAY @ 1 PM Pizza, Wings, a la Carte Meats & lots of whiskey...


  • Search Bar Bingo and Meat Raffle events across Minnesota! Search by event days and times. Find a jackpot near you!!

13. Charitable Gaming - Humane Society of the Lakes

  • ... Booty Chaser Linked Bingo. 21105 Co Hwy 22, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501TJ's Booze & Bistro. (218) ...

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Booty Chaser Bingo Locations In Minnesota (2024)


How much does booty chaser bingo cost? ›

Booty Chaser is not a quick 'burn em and churn em' bingo game, but rather a slow, enjoyable game that costs a maximum of $18.00 for an hour of bingo entertainment while players socialize, eat, drink, and play more pull-tabs.

How do you play linked bingo? ›

Linked bingo

Two or more clubs may join together using remote communication and play a single simultaneous game of bingo for stakes hazarded by all the players taking part. Each club involved must account for VAT on any admission charges taken at its own premises.

What are pilot games in Minnesota? ›

Pilot Games offers a unique experience in a non-traditional casino market. Whether it is at your favorite corner bar, or at a Fraternal or Veterans club, Pilot offers a fun, low stakes social gaming experience to all our players.

What is quickie bingo? ›

Quickie (Blowout) – A “coverall” game where the numbers are called as quickly as possible. Session – A bingo “session” is simply a program of “regular” games played all together. Sessions may contain “Special” games or intermissions throughout the program, with varying game times.

What is the two line rule in bingo? ›

The second prize is for two lines. These two lines must be within the same house and again must be horizontal. If you have this you call BINGO. For one and two lines it is the first person we see calling bingo.

How do you play Crossfire bingo? ›

Players take turns to roll the dice and cover a space or spaces on the board according to the numbers showing. For example, a 3 and a 5 are rolled. Each player has 4 options: 1) Cover the 8 (by adding the dice together); 2) Cover 3 and 5; 3) Cover 35; 4) Cover 53.

Is bingo a form of gambling? ›

Bingo is a traditional form of gambling that has changed and improved rapidly in recent years.

How much is a typical bingo game? ›

A buy-in will range from $2 to $10 dollars, which will include 1 or 2 of the regular game packs. The buy-in covers 10 to 14 regular games. Early games, Blackouts (except on Sizzler), and other add-on games are sold separately at $1 each (They may come in packages where other BOGO's may apply).

Do any of the bingo apps pay real money? ›

Bingo Clash is similar to Bingo Cash and also lets you play in tournaments to win real money. The app is one of the most popular paid gaming apps out there. And like the other apps on this list, you can pay small tournament fees to compete and potentially win larger prizes.

Do any bingo apps actually pay out? ›

Bingo Tour lets you cash out in a variety of ways: Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Credit/Debit Card. And it usually takes 7 days or more for you to receive your money. It's free to download on iOS and Android and available to 18+ adults.

How much does it cost to play Bingo Cash? ›

Some Bingo Cash tournaments have low entry fees, starting at $1 per game. But other contests have larger prize pools with higher entry fees as well. As you can see in my Bingo Cash app, the largest game has a $30 prize pool and eight players. It costs $5 to enter the game.

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